Supply market

Supply TokenAPYCollateral factorTotal supply

1. Supply token to the Compound Protocol:

2. Redeem from the Compound Protocol:

Borrow market

Borrow TokenAPYCollateral factorTotal borrow

1. Enter market (Collateral required):

2. Borrow from the Compound Protocol:

3. Repay borrow:

4. Exit market:


How to test?
  • Download metamask browser plugin at
  • For metamask app, open this page in metamask browser
  • Open metamask, set your network to 'Kovan Test Network'or any other network
  • Go to or to get a free test ETH token
  • Click "1. Connection wallet"
  • To supply, enter 0.5 ETH and click on supply button
  • To borrow, first enter market, then select a token like DAI, enter amount like 5 and submit
How does collateral work?
  • Only needed if you borrow from Compound
  • Let's say you have ETH and supply 10 ETH as collateral
  • ETH's market price is $380, so you have about $3800
  • with collateral factor of 75%, you can borrow up to $3800*0.75 = $2850 worth of DAI